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Important message: Ándi Wilson, the owner of this website, suddenly has passed away on the 4th of December 2020 R.I.P. Please do not make further orders or enquiries via email account of or The business is closed from 04/12/2020.

Please note: Both websites of Ándi Wilson - and - will be preserved and stay live as knowledge and information sharing sites for everyone working on climate change action and global justice via the newly set-up archive of, an Irish NGO for Global Justice.


Full list of fruit trees and fruit bushes

What if you can't decide which fruit trees you want?

Pollination, Fruit Use and Disease Resistance

Full list of nut trees

Rootstocks and grafting materials

Rootstock information

Planting Advice

Hedging and woodland trees

Plant pots, compost, tree ties and guards

Special requests

Offers for schools and third level institutions