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Fruit and Nut Trees for Schools and Third Level Institutions

Fruit and Nut Tree Competition

In order to promote the planting of fruit and/or nut trees in the grounds of schools and other educational institutions we are giving away twelve sets of six apple trees to the schools and colleges that come up with the best plans for planting fruit and nut trees in their grounds.

A set of apple trees will be given to the best entries in each group (primary, secondary and third level) in each province. Please note the apple trees will be on MM106, M111 or M25 rootstocks which means the trees will grow quite big. They are inappropriate for small sites. However, with skillful pruning and training the trees can be kept quite low. In the past espalliers have been grown on MM106 rootstock.

To enter the competition, schools should submit a simple map of their site, showing areas set aside for planting fruit or nut trees. The map should be drawn approximately to scale and should show the points of the compass. Accompanying the map should be a short text providing more details of the proposed planting, including information about shelter (from wind) and soil quality.

Prizes will be awarded on the basis of the best understanding of the requirements of fruit and nut trees, and for imagination and creativity. Trees are supplied bare-rooted and will be posted out in the new year, probably in March. The trees are mainly three years old and will begin fruiting within two or three years.

The plan can include fruit or nut trees of any variety that can reasonably expected to grow on the site in question, as well as fruit bushes, ground cover plants, hedging and other shelter trees. Some useful information may be found on this website! If possible, varieties should be named and rootstocks specified.

Closing date for entries is 30th November 2015.

Entries will be judged early in December.


Other offers for schools and colleges

Early season discount

We offer a 15 percent discount on all pre-season 2015/16 orders for fruit and nut trees, hedging and ground-cover plants placed and paid for by 30th June 2015


Special offer for community orchard or school projects

Community orchard collection of 8 apple trees, 2yr trees with fruiting spurs, mixed varieties (M9 rootstock only) price €150 including delivery (to any address in Republic of Ireland).

Please contact us for further information or advice


Free fruit trees!

Every year, at the end of the barerooted season (approximately the middle to end of April), the nursery gives away fruit and/or nut trees that for various reasons are surplus to requirements or cannot be sold. Typically the trees are ones that have grown into strange shapes or forms not desired by the typical customer or ones that have lost their identification labels. All the trees are perfectly healthy.

Trees can be given to worthwhile community projects such as planting projects on waste ground, derelict or abandoned housing developments, former industrial land, canal tow-paths, old railway lines, parks or other community spaces.

Please contact us for further details