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Tree Faeries

Tree surgery and felling service, orchard rehabilitation


Growing nuts in Ireland

Technical document on cobnut growing in Ireland


Food Security

Information and articles on future food security in Ireland, including on the possible role of nut crops


Assessing the Nut and Fruit Resource

An assessment showing that nut and fruit crops could provide ten percent of Ireland's total calorie and protein requirements


Cobnut map

Map of regions of Ireland with climate suitable for cobnut production


Walnut map

Map of Ireland showing regions where climate suitable for walnut production


Walnut map UK

Map of UK showing regions where climate suitable for walnut production



Information on permaculture


The Future is Trees

The Future is Trees is a Fruit and Nut initiative that seeks to establish long-term sustainable woodland, land rehabilitation and orchard projects the purpose of which is to provide knowledge and inspiration to others.


Planting advice

Advice on ground preparation and planting


Rootstock information

Technical information on rootstocks


Pollination, Fruit Use and Disease Resistance

Tables shown pollination groups, harvest time, storage potential, usage and disease resistance of all the apple, cherry, damson, pear and plum varieties in our stocklists


Growing Apples for Cider Production

Information for the intending cider apple grower


Growing Pears for Perry Production

Information for the intending perry pear grower


Practical Sustainability Course (1 year)

In our view, by far the best practical course on sustainability to be found anywhere. Based in Bristol, UK, this pioneering and innovative course covers permaculture design, woodland management, organic horticulture, soil and ecology, re-localisation, green energy, green building and many other related topics.


History of the Spanish Chestnut in Europe

From Congresso Ibérico do Castanheiro Vila Real, 20-22 Junho 2007


The Remarkable Old Walnut Trees of Scotland

Published by the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, Vol VXI, 1884


Hedging and Woodland

Information on hedging, shelter-belt and woodland trees



Information on agroforestry and on criteria for grant assistance


Grant aid for commercial horticulture projects

Information on the scheme of investment aid for the development of the commercial horticulture sector (2020)


Irish Nut Growers Association

The best source of information on nut-growing in Ireland


Nature Rising

Radical and well informed advocacy group dedicated to ending unsustainable practices in agriculture, and promoting the alternatives. Excellent source of information.


Sustainably-produced Turkeys

Free-foraging, organically fed turkeys from Western Shore Organic Farm, Co. Mayo


Forest Gardening

Information on forest gardening



On-going research at fruitandnut



All about truffles!


Tree offers for educational institutions


Free fruit trees