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The goji berry or wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) is native to China and other parts of Eastern Asia, including Japan. It forms an upright shrub with long, thorny branches hanging over in elegant curves. Ultimate height 2-3 meters.

The fruits have a very high importance because of their high content of vitamins and trace elements - notably iron, selenium, Vitamins B2 and C. Goji berries also contain very high concentrations of polysaccharides - powerful anti-oxidant agents. Some studies suggest anti-aging properties. The leaves are also used in Chinese medicine. Fruits orange-red. Cropping September to October.

Goji berries are quite difficult to grow in an Irish climate. The plant itself is tough, can tolerate pollution and poor soil, but requires good conditions to produce berries. The goji should be treated similarly to apricots or outdoor grapes. For best results grow on a sunny wall.

No. 1 Lifeberry                                
Good flavoured, high yielding varietyfrom Ningxia region of China

Sweet Lifeberry                                
Smaller fruited but sweeter cultivar

Not available 2019/20