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Amelanchier (service berry/saskatoon)

New improved varieties from Canada and Russia. Very tolerant of poor soil conditions (not waterlogging). Thrives on stony, dry soil. For best results plant more than one variety

Amelanchier alnifolia Forestburg                                                 
Canadian selection, grows to 2.5m. Large sweet fruits (16mm), late season

Amelanchier alnifolia  Krasnojarskaja                                               
Russian selection, grows to 4m. Large berries, sweet with slight sourness. Heavy yielding, late season

Amelanchier alnifolia  Pembina                                               
Canadian selection, grows to 3m. Sweet aromatic fruits, heavy cropping

Amelanchier alnifolia  Smokey                                              
Canadian selection. Spreading shrub growing to 4m high and 6m across. The sweetest of all the amelanchiers. Crops over long period

Supply uncertain, hope to have plants available autumn 2020