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Prostrate Raspberries

Prostrate raspberries suitable for ground-cover. Ideal for forest gardening projects. Also suitable for orchards. Can tolerate foot traffic. Plant at 2-3 plants per square metre (60-70cm spacing). Must be kept weed-free for the first few years. The Rubus Betty Ashburner and Rubus pentalabus (see below) represent the cheapest option for covering large areas.

Container-grown plants (supplied all year round subject to availability)
  Unit Price (euro)
1 plant 2 plants 3-9 plants 10-49 plants 50-199 plants 200+ plants
Rubus Betty Ashburner, P9 container *
Rubus pentalabus, 1.3l container *
* will usually be removed from their containers and sent barerooted

Rubus Betty Ashburner                            
The defualt ground-cover raspberry. Very tolerant of foot traffic. Will only produce berries when cross-pollinated with other similar raspberries. Not to be confused with the vigorous and invasive Rubus tricolour. In stock all year round

Rubus chamaemorus   'Nyby'                         
Cloudberry. Creeping raspberry, native to upland regions of Northern Europe, rare mountain plant in Ireland. Requires moist acid conditions. Berries highly prized in Scandinavia, where the best spots for picking are closely guarded secrets. Nyby is a Finnish cultivar, high yielding and grown commercially in Scandinavia since 2009. Availability uncertain, hope to have available autumn 2021

Rubus illecebrosus                           
Strawberry-raspberry. Dwarf shrub with thorny stems. Forms dense thicket up to 0.6m high. Not suitable for areas where easy access is required but good for covering exposed banks. Not quite as rapid-spreading as the other rubus listed here. Large red fruit. Availability uncertain, hope to have available autumn 2020

Rubus nepalensis                          
Bristly-stemmed prostrate raspberry native to Himalayas. Tolerant of foot traffic. Attractive white flowers followed by abundant sweet purple-red fruits. Availability uncertain, hope to have available autumn 2020

Rubus  pentalobus                         
Non-bristly prostrate raspberry native to Korea and Japan. Will form dense mat of stems and leaves. Very tolerant of food traffic. White flowers flowed by orange edible berries. In stock all year round

Rubus  tricolour                        
Very vigorous raspberry native to China. Will grow to 1.5 m and can form impenetrable thickets if not kept under control. Unavailable (highly invasive, not recommended for ground cover situations)