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From February to November the nursery has a small number of places for wwoofers looking to learn more about horticulture. Doe to the limited number of places, it is best to make contact with us at least 6 months in advance

Host Profile

Fruit and Nut Nursery is a pioneering enterprise focused on things like food security, crop diversity, permaculture, climate change and peak oil. The nursery conduct trials of many different varieties of fruit and nuts. We also carry out tree propagation, using methods such as grafting, stooling and layering. Some of the work is unique in Western Europe, for example grafting pear stocks onto sorbus (rowan and whitebeam). Our research is focused primarily on expanding the range of tree crops that are viable in cool temperate climates, in order to improve local food security and provide resilience to global warming and climate change.

The nursery seeks wwoofers who are interested in what the nursery is doing and who want to learn. Our preference is for volunteers who are already studying horticulture or agriculture, or who are actively involved in working with the land. Some prior horticultural knowledge or experience is essential. However, we can guarantee that anyone who spends time at the nursery will acquire lots of new knowledge and skills.

We'd prefer wwoofers with previous wwoofing experience and committed to staying at least 3 weeks. Except for people with previous horticultural experience, we usually turn down offers from people looking to wwoof for the first time. Our advice to wwoofing novices is to gain experience with hosts of a less specialised nature.

Additional Information

Some of the activities are quite physically demanding and for this reason physical fitness is important. Volunteers MUST be able to follow directions in English. The horticultural activities are all outdoors. On average we would require about thirty-five hours help per week.

For 2017, the nursery is particularly seeking long term wwoofers who can commit to a minimum period of one month. In return, the nursery is offering one-to-one training and mentoring in land rehabilitation and orchard work.

Fruit and Nut has a zero tolerance policy towards sexism and sexist behavior. The nursery prides itself on its non-patriarchal, women-friendly environment (references from previous women wwoofers available upon request).


Wwoofers who can commit in advance to staying more than 4 weeks will be eligible for a personal expenses allowance of €25 per week.



Image: Natalie (Maine, USA) and Clarisse (France) carrying out tree surgery in the big ash tree, the largest tree on site. It overhangs the nursery beds at the terraces. Any branches removed have to be precision dropped, or lowered carefully to the ground by rope (July 2015)

Image: Clarisse in the big ash tree. Clarisse's previous climbing and rope access experience were put to good use!

Image: Natalie abseilling from the big ash tree. Natalie had no previous climbing or rope experience but proved to be a fast learner.