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Work Experience Opportunities with Fruit and Nut

The nursery regularly takes people on work experience placements. Some are students attending horticulture courses in which work experience is an integral component of the syllabus; however the majority are young people not involved in formal education who come in an individual capacity to gain practical experience.

We can absolutely guarantee that working at Fruit and Nut will be a rewarding and empowering experience! We regard work placements as a two-way process in which our horticultural knowledge and experience of working the land are offered in exchange for volunteer labour. However, we only take people who are genuinely interested in the work the nursery is doing, particularly with respect to food security and climate change. If you just need the work experience to tick a box on a course, we suggest you look elsewhere.

The minimum period is normally three days (three weeks for live-in volunteers from abroad). While the help provided by people on work experience is always appreciated, it does take a certain amount of time and energy to properly structure the day's work experience activities, and we ask that people undertaking placements here respect this by always turning up on time, appropriately kitted out and ready to begin work. In order to minimise disruption to the nursery schedule, the nursery reserves the right to terminate placements if these requirements are not met.

The working day normally runs from 10am to 5pm, with a one hour break for lunch. The working atmosphere at the nursery is relaxed and informal.

People interested in doing work experience should give as much advance notice as possible. We are usually able to take people at weekends or during holiday periods, as well as on weekdays. Generally speaking we do not offer placements from 16th November to 15th March but during spells of fine weather between these dates can sometimes take people at short notice. The best months for placements are September, October, April, May and June.

Please note that the entire nursery is a no-smoking environment.

Further information can be provided upon request. We look forward to hearing from you.