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Woodland and hedging special offers

Updated 25th February 2020

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Eleagnus umbellata (Autumn Olive)


Hardy, fast growing deciduous shrub, best known for its tasty edible berries. One of the first shrubs to come into leaf (typically mid March) and holds leaves until late autumn. Popular in forest garden projects, good for hedging and tolerant of seaside exposure. Aso nitrogen fixing. 2 year barerooted plants, 80-100cm. 25 plants €40, 50 plants €70, 100 plants €120. 200 plants €200. Offer ends 17th March


Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)

Small to medium sized tree related to Whitebeam. Native species, very hardy, good for exposed upland locations and poor ground. Produces heavy crops of orange-red berries much loved by birds. Can be used as rootstock for pear (very disease resistant). Barerooted (80-100 cm) 25 trees €30, 50 trees €50, 100 trees €85. 200 trees €150. Offer ends 17th March


Grey willow (Salix cinerea)

Native to Ireland. Native to Ireland. Large shrub or small tree, maximum height typically 6m. Very tough and adaptable, suitable for wetlands, upland areas, land reclamation projects, poor soils and coastal locations. Barerooted (100-150 cm). 25 trees €30, 50 trees €50, 100 trees €85. 200 trees €150. Offer ends 17th March


Holm oak (Quercus ilex)

This is the evergreen oak native to Mediterranean countries. The acorns have a long history of being used for food. Will produce first acorns at about 10 years. Very tough, excellent for seaside exposure. Can be grown as a hedge.

4yr trees 25-40cm, in 7L pots. 10 trees €70, 20 trees €120, 50 trees €250. Offer extended to 29th February

3yr rootballed seedlings 18-25cm. 10 trees €35, 50 trees €125. Very good value. Sold out



Holly - Ilex aquifolium

Native holly. Very hardy, good for exposed upland situations, hedges, shelterbelts or specimen trees. Very long lived. Berries much loved by birds (both male and female plants required for berries). Tolerates most soils except waterlogged ones.

6yr trees in 25L pots, 80-125cm, €20 ea, 5 trees €75



Metasequoia glyptosroboides - Dawn Redwood

Native to the Hubei province in east central China. Found in fossil reamins by Victorian archaeologists in fossil remains but long thought to be extinct. Live trees were first discovered in Hubei and Sichuan in China in 1941. By Norther American redwood standards the dawn redwood is the considered small but here 'small' is a relative term as trees frequently grow to 40-45m, with the tallest reaching 60m. The first dawn redwood trees were planted in Europe in the late 1940s and the 50s and some of these trees have now reached 35m or more (the tallest - in Germany - was 39m in 2013). In Ireland the maximum height attainable is likely to be about 30m. There is a large specimen at Birr Castle.

The dawn redwood does best on damp sites and will tolerate waterlogged and boggy conditions. In the past many growers made the mistake of planting it on dry ground, where it struggled. It makes an especially attractive tree with lovely autumn colours. Like many other water-tolerant conifers it is deciduous (looses needles in winter).

4yr trees in 12L pots 70-100cm €12 ea, 5 trees for €50


Pinus pinaster

Pinus pinaster, the maritime pine. Native to the central and western Mediterrean and Atlantic seaboard of Europe as far north as Normandy. In the past much prized for its high quality turpentine oil (the oil is tapped by drilling into the tree). Large tree reaching 35-40m in favourable locations. A tough pine, very good in coastal exposure. In the UK hardy as far north as Edinburgh. Tolerant of very dry ground and will grow in almost pure sand.

Strong 6yr trees 150cm+ in 45L pots

Price: €25 ea, 5 trees €100.

Bulk offers: 20 trees €350, 40 trees: €600