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Woodland and hedging special offers

Updated 7th January 2019


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Please note that all offers are subject to availability


Glyptostrobus pensilis - Chinese Swamp Cypreaa

Rare conifer, native to southeast China where it grows into an attractive small to medium sized tree, typical maximum height 15-20m. Thrives in wet conditions. In its native habitat it can be found growing in standing water. Often planted in China to stablise river banks. Considered hardy to Zone 8, hardiest in wet locations. Partly deciduous (loses older needles in the autumn). The foliage has a pleasant fragrant smell, most intense on warm sunny days.

The Chinese swamp cypress has no history of being grown in Ireland but our research indicates it has great potential, particularly on waterlogged peaty inland sites, flood plains and low lying river banks. The trees offered are raised from seed at our nursery in Westport. Staking recommended for first 2 years. Note, once existing stock is sold Glyptostrobus will not be available again until 2020/21. 2yr containerised trees normally sell at 10-15 ea.

2yr seedling barerooted trees 50-100cm (mainly 70cm+). Bundles of 50+ trees €100

Smaller trees, mixed sizes 40-70cm. Bundles of 50+ trees €50



Metasequoia glyptosroboides - Dawn Redwood

Native to the Hubei province in east central China and found in fossil remains by Victorian archaeologists in fossil remains but long thought to be extinct. Live trees were discovered in Hubei and Sichuan provinces in 1941. By Northern American redwood standards the dawn redwood is the considered small but here 'small' is a relative term as trees frequently grow to 40-45m, with the tallest reaching 60m. The first dawn redwood trees were planted in Europe in the late 1940s and the early 50s and some of these trees have reached 35m or more (the tallest - in Germany - was 39m in 2013). In Ireland the maximum height attainable is likely to be about 30m. There is a large specimen at Birr Castle.

The dawn redwood does best on damp sites and will tolerate waterlogged and boggy conditions. In the past many growers made the mistake of planting it on dry ground, where it struggles. It makes an especially attractive tree with lovely autumn colours and like the Chinese swamp cypress is deciduous.

3yr trees 60-90cm in 12L pot.

Price: €10 ea, 5 or more €8 ea

Bulk offer 20 trees: 140

Prices exclusive of delivery by pallet crate (small quantities are collection only) . Offer now closed



Quercus ilex (Holm oak) offer

3yr plants in 7L pots. 25-40cm. Will produce edible acorns at about 10 years. Very tough and hardy, suitable for seaside exposure. Can be grown as a hedge. 10 trees 50; 20 trees 80; 50 trees 175. Offer now closed



Native to Ireland, makes an attractive hedge or stand-alone tree, with the familiar red berries in winter. Very tough and suitable for most soils.

4yr plants 50-75cm in 12L pots, €9 ea, 5 trees €40, 10 trees €65

6yr plants 80-130cm in 25L pots, €17.50 ea, 5 trees €70, 10 trees €120

6yr plants, female (in berry), 80-130cm in 25L pots. Excellent Christmas present. €25 ea, 5 trees €100

Offer now closed


Pinus peuce - Macedonian Pine

Native to Albania, Macedonia, southwest Bulgaria and northern Greece. Medium to large tree typical maximum height 20-30m. A slow growing and very tough pine, sometimes used as a shelter tree for other species though rarely planted in Ireland. Tolerant of a wide range of soils including acid peat and shallow limestone soils. Good in exposed situations, including coastal areas. Also tolerant of cold sites, including frost pockets .

3yr trees 25-40cm in 7L pot.

Price: €7 ea, 4 trees €25, 10 trees €50

Bulk offers: 25 trees 100, 50 trees €175

Prices exclusive of delivery (small quantities are collection only) Offer now closed


Pinus wallichiana (syn P.griffithi) - Blue Pine

Native to the Himalayan mountains from Arunachal Pradesh in northern India westwards into Afghanistan. Medium to large tree reaching 35m in favourable native locations. The likely maximum height in Ireland is 20-25m. As the name suggests, the blue pine has distinctive and highly fragrant foliage varying in colour from light green to green- blue, occasionally bright blue. This beautiful tree is regarded as one of the most ornamental of all the pines. Quite fast growing tree but requires a sheltered situation to do well.

3yr trees 40-60cm in 7L pot

Price: €7 ea, 4 trees €25, 10 trees €50

Bulk offers: 25 trees €100, 50 trees €175

Prices exclusive of delivery (small quantities are collection only) Offer now closed