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Special Offers

Updated 29th March 2017

Please note that all offers are subject to availability.

Job Lot of Heartnuts and Buartnuts

Cancelled export order. Great collection of varieties for the aspiring heartnut and buartnut grower.

3 x Heartnut Campbell CW1 45-70cm
1 x Heartnut Imshu
2 x Heartnut Grimo
2 x Heartnut Campbell
CW4 70-100cm
1 x Heartnut Schubert
1 x Heartnut Kalmar
2 x Buartnut Mitchell

Price as per April price list = €410.50. Special Offer price €360. Will also throw in 2 x 3yr Webbs cobnut (these were part of the original export order). Delivery to anywhere in Ireland €30


M116 Rootstocks

M116 rootstock. Produces compact high yield trees slightly larger than M26. Specialist rootstock unavailable from most sources. Clearance of remaining 2017 stock. Bundles of 50 rootstocks (2yr plants) 100

Webbs Cobnuts

Bundles of 1yr Webbs cobnuts, suitable for growing on in a bed for 1-2 years before planting out in a final position. Bundles of 50 trees 150. Webbs is the favourite cobnut variety at Fruit and Nut. Fantastic bargain.


Eleagnus umbellata

Attractive, sprawling hedging plant producing masses of sweet edible berries. Small 1yr plants (30-60cm ) intended for growing on before planting out into their final position next year. With diligent weeding could be planted into a final position this year. Bundles of 50 plants 60

M25 3yr Cider Apple Offer

Cider on vigorous M25 rootstock. Very strong 3 yr trees. Varieties Dabinett (full bittersweet), Gennet Moyle (bittersharp), Harry Masters (full bittersweet), Tom Putt (sharp). Apples on M25 are capable of producing very heavy crops, often in excess of 100kg per tree. 10 trees 140. Exceptionally good price. Selling off to clear space for new stock. Last few trees left. Price does not include delivery.

MM106 2yr Cider and Cooking Apple Offer

Cider and cooking apples on semi-vigorous MM106 rootstock. Strong 2yr trees. Cider varieties: Harry Masters (full bittersweet), Morgan's Sweet (sweet), Tom Putt (sharp), may be a small number of some other varieties. Cookers: Bramley's Seedling (sharp), 10 trees 140, 20 trees 250. Last few trees left. Price does not include delivery.

MM106 1yr Cider and Apple Offer

1 yr cider apples on semi-vigorous MM106 rootstock. Cider varieties: Black Dabinett (full bittersweet), Somerset Redsteak (full bittersweet), Sweet Coppin (sweet), Tremlett's Bitter (full bittersweet), may be a small number of some other varieties. 10 trees 120, 20 trees 200. Price does not include delivery.

M9 Bramley Apple Offer

Bramley 20 (improved version of Bramley's Seedling). Widely acknowledged as the best cooking apple variety. Strong 3yr trees on semi-dwarfing rootstock. Will bear fruit this year. 6 trees 50, 10 trees 100. Also have some surplus trees of Little Pax (eater) on M9, if of interest can be included in this offer. Collection only.


Mirabelle Offer

Collection of 2yr Mirabelle trees (4 varieties: de Nancy, Golden Sphere, Gypsy and Ruby). Trees now coming into blossom , good potential for fruit this year. 4 trees (1 of each variety)72, 8 trees (2 of each variety)120, 16 trees (4 of each)200. Collection only

Cobnut Offer

Cobnuts: Cosford, Nottingham, Rode Zellernoot, Webbs (any selection). Strong 3yr trees, 100-140cm trained to single stem for maximum nut production. All trees individually labelled. 50 trees 300, 100 trees550. Price does not include delivery.


Quantity of chestnut stools for sale. These 4yr hybrid chestnuts (Castanea sativa x crenata) that have been cut back to a stool for coppicing purposes. The trees will naturally grow into a multi-stemmed tree but can easily be pruned back to a single stem. Our hybrid chestnuts are natural crosses between the European and Japanese chestnuts and known for their exceptional vigour. There would also be some nut potential though as these are seedling trees the first flowers will not occur for a number of years. 25 stools 100, 50 stools 160, 100 stools 300. Price does not include delivery.

Gorse - Ulex europaeus

Native to Ireland. Small to medium sized shrub, typical maximum height 2m. Very tolerant of coastal exposure or poor ground conditions. Will grow in almost any soil (not waterlogged ones). Nitrogen fixer. Very good for providing screening or shelter for young trees. Spectacular yellow flowers in spring. Strong 3 yr plants, 40-70 cm high in 5 litre pots. 10 plants €50, 20 plants €80, 50 plants €150. Collection only