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Special Offers

Updated 2nd June 2017

Please note that all offers are subject to availability

Aronia offer

Shrub native to Northern Asia and North America, long bred for its richly flavoured berries used in fruit juices and jams, or eaten raw. Important bee plant. Now known to be one of the richest sources of antioxidants, even superior to blueberries or sea buckthorn. Planted commericially in North America, Russia, Poland, Germany, the Baltic States and Scotland (mainly for juice production). Yields are among the highest of any berry: three times that of blueberries.

Varieties Nero and Viking. 2.5 yr plants (cuttings taken winter 2014/15) in 2.5L pots. Height 40-60cm. Nice plants, most are carrying 3-5 young fruit clusters (some as many as 10 clusters). 50 plants 250, 100 plants 400. Great bargain. For collection or delivery.

Offer will end early in June as all remaining plants will be potted up into larger pots for growing on.

Younger Aronia offer

1.5 yr plants (cuttings taken winter 2015/16) in 2.5L pots. Height approx 30cm. Some plants are carrying fruit clusters. 50 plants 200, 100 plants 320. For collection or delivery.


Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea, the Mediterranean stone pine, grows well in Ireland and will produce the first nuts after 8-10 years. It is a tough hardy tree, tolerant of frost to -15°C. It will grow in any well-drained soil. Very good in coastal locations. This is by far the best choice of pinenut tree for Ireland. Slow growing with spreading habit. Also valuable for fuel. For best results for nuts, plant in a group at 10-15m spacing

1yr trees in plugs 15-20cm, 10 trees40, 25 trees 75. 50 trees 125. For collection only (unless part of larger order)


P9 Ground Cover Raspberry offer

Rubus Betty Ashburner. By far the best of the ground cover raspberries. Fast growing and quick to establish.1yr plants in P9 pots. 25 plants 30. 50 plants 50. For collection only (unless part of larger order)