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Special Offers

Updated 29th April 2017

Please note that all offers are subject to availability

Thuja plicata - Western Red Cedar

Fast grown conifer suitable for shelter, screening or timber production. Can withstand clipping. High tolerance of poor soils and waterlogged ground - listed in Keith Rushforth as one of the most accommodating of anaerobic sites - however trees do not thrive in exposed locations. Produces a rot resistant timber popular for roof shingles and for fence posts. Highly fragrant foliage. Barerooted trees 30-50cm. 25 trees 50. 50 trees 75. 100 trees 135. For collection only (unless part of larger order)

Metasequoia glyptosroboides - Dawn Redwood (NEW)

Native to the Hubei province in east central China. Found in fossil reamins by Victorian archaeologists in fossil remains but long thought to be extinct. Live trees were first discovered in Hubei and Sichuan in China in 1941. By Norther American redwood standards the Dawn Redwood is the considered small but here 'small' is a relative term as trees frequently grow to 40-45m, with the tallest reaching 60m. The first Dawn Redwood trees were planted in Europe in the late 1940s and the 50s and some of these trees have now reached 35m or more (the tallest - in Germany - was 39m in 2013). In Ireland the maximum height attainable is likely to be about 30m. There is a large specimen at Birr Castle.

The Dawn Redwood does best on damp sites and is highly tolerant of waterlogged and boggy conditions. In the past many growers made the mistake of planting it on dry ground, where it struggled. It makes an especially attractive tree with lovely autumn colours and like the Larch and Swamp Cypress is deciduous. Larger specimen trees sell at up to 50 each in garden centres.

2yr trees in P9 pots 30-50cm, 10 trees40, 25 trees 80. 50 trees 150. For collection only (unless part of larger order)

Pinus wallichiana (syn P.griffithi) - Blue Pine

Native to the Himalayan mountains from Arunachal Pradesh in northern India westwards into Afghanistan. Medium to large tree reaching 35m in favourable native locations. The likely maximum height in Ireland is 20-25m. As the name suggests, the blue pine has distinctive foliage varying in colour from green grey to bright blue. Often uses for ornamental plantings. Quite a fast growing tree but requires sheltered situations to do well. Sometimes used as a rootstock for grafting slower growing pine species (for example Pinus koraiensis).

2yr trees in P9 pots 15-25cm, 10 trees25, 25 trees 50. 50 trees 80. For collection only (unless part of larger order)

Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea, the Medierranean stone pine, grows well in Ireland and will produce the first nuts after 8-10 years. It is a tough hardy tree, tolerant of frost to -15°C. It will grow in any well-drained soil. Very good in coastal locations. This is by far the best choice of pinenut tree for Ireland. Slow growing with spreading habit. Also valuable for fuel. For best results for nuts, plant a minimum of 3-4 trees.

1yr trees in plugs 15-20cm, 10 trees40, 25 trees 75. 50 trees 125. For collection only (unless part of larger order)


P9 Ground Cover Raspberry offer

Rubus Betty Ashburner. By far the best of the ground cover raspberries. Fast growing and quick to establish.1yr plants in P9 pots. 25 plants 30. 50 plants 50. For collection only (unless part of larger order)


P9 Aronia offer

Aronia varieties Nero and Viking. 1yr plants in P9 pots. 50 plants 135. 100 plants 200. 200 plants 360. For collection or delivery

2yr Aronia offer

Aronia varieties Nero and Viking. 2yr plants in 3l pots. Nice plants, some will bear fruit this year. 50 plants 250. 100 plants 400. For collection or delivery.


Sessile Oaks

2yr oak trees 50-80cm. Bundles of 25 trees 25. Collection only


Grade 2 3yr Cobnut Offer

Varieties: Nottingham, Rode Zellernoot, Webbs, Cosford, Halls Giant (our selection). Mainly 100-140cm but some 60-100cm. Trained to single stem for maximum nut production. Ideal for growing on for one year before planting out into final position (could be planted into final position straight away but would require some weed control). All trees individually labelled. 50 trees 250, 100 trees450. Price does not include delivery. Trees ready for immediate despatch/collection.


M116 Rootstocks

M116 rootstock. Produces compact high yield trees slightly larger than M26. Specialist rootstock unavailable from most sources. Suitable for graft or budding work this year or for growing on for use next year. Clearance of remaining 2017 stock. Bundles of 50 rootstocks 80. Collection only


M25 3yr Cider Apple Offer

Cider on vigorous M25 rootstock. Very strong 3 yr trees. Varieties Dabinett (full bittersweet), Gennet Moyle (bittersharp), Harry Masters (full bittersweet), Tom Putt (sharp). Apples on M25 are capable of producing very heavy crops, often in excess of 100kg per tree. 10 trees 120. Exceptionally good price. Selling off to clear space for new stock. Last few trees left. Collection only

MM106 2yr Cider and Cooking Apple Offer

Cider and cooking apples on semi-vigorous MM106 rootstock. Strong 2yr trees. Cider varieties: Harry Masters (full bittersweet), Morgan's Sweet (sweet), Tom Putt (sharp), may be a small number of some other varieties. Cookers: Bramley's Seedling (sharp), 10 trees 120. Last few trees left. Collection only


Perry Pear Offer

Perry pear trees, 2yr. Pyrus Kirchensaller rootstock. Varieties: Blakeney Red, Gin, Hendre Huffcap, Judge Amphlet, Thorn, Winnals Longdon, Yellow Huffcap. Healthy trees but in need of some retraining. Mix of the varieties listed. All trees individually labelled. 10 trees 80, 20 trees 140, 50 trees300. For collection or delivery .


Eleagnus umbellata

Attractive, sprawling hedging plant producing masses of sweet edible berries. Small 1yr plants (30-60cm ) intended for growing on before planting out into their final position next year. With diligent weeding could be planted into a final position this year. Bundles of 50 plants 60. Collection only



Quantity of chestnut stools for sale. These 4yr hybrid chestnuts (Castanea sativa x crenata) that have been cut back to a stool for coppicing purposes. The trees will naturally grow into a multi-stemmed tree but can easily be pruned back to a single stem. Our hybrid chestnuts are natural crosses between the European and Japanese chestnuts and known for their exceptional vigour. There would also be some nut potential though as these are seedling trees the first flowers will not occur for a number of years. 25 stools 100, 50 stools 160, 100 stools 300. Collection only.


Gorse - Ulex europaeus

Native to Ireland. Small to medium sized shrub, typical maximum height 2m. Very tolerant of coastal exposure or poor ground conditions. Will grow in almost any soil (not waterlogged ones). Nitrogen fixer. Very good for providing screening or shelter for young trees. Spectacular yellow flowers in spring. Strong 3 yr plants, 40-70 cm high in 5 litre pots. 10 plants €30, 20 plants €50, 50 plants €100. Collection only