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Plant pot and sundries special offers

Updated 30th April 2019


For barerooted fruit and nut tree special offers click here

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For seed and germinated seed special offers click here

For hedging, woodland and conifer special offers click here

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Please note that all offers are subject to availability.



3L airpot offer

3L airpots, best size for potting up tree seedlings from plugs or P9s, also good for raising courgettes, tomatoes etc; now selling at 160 per 100 pots (exclusive of VAT). Further discount of 15% for quantities of 500 or over. Offer now closed


Free pots

The nursery regularly has surplus P9 pots, P9 trays and other small pots (from bought-in stock that we have potted on). We are happy to give these pots to anyone who can use them.