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Plant Pots, Compost. Tree Ties and Guards

Plant Pots

We stock a wide range of extra-heavy duty injection moulded black polythene plant pots, from 12 litres to 130 litres in capacity. The larger pots (40 litres upwards) have two moulded handles for carrying. Virtually indestructible, lifetime of many years, competitively priced. Ideal for fruit trees or bushes. Available to calling customers only.

Prices (inclusive of VAT)

110 litres: €15.00 ea or 5 for €65.00
70 litres: €11.50 ea or 5 for €50.00
43 litres: €8.00 ea or 5 for €35.00

25 litres: €4.00 ea or 10 for €35.00
15 litres: €3.00 ea or 10 for €25.00



We are now stockists of air-pots, the revolutionary pot designed specifically for healthy root development and maximise aeration. Stylish and durable - nearly impossible to break - and very long lasting.

More information can be found here

New Horizon Peat-free Organic Compost

Top quality organic compost. Prices inclusive of VAT

New Horizon Multi-purpose Compost (for most gardening purposes, though a little coarse for fine seed work)
50 litre bags €7.50 ea or 5 bags for €30.00. Pallet of 85 bags delivered to anywhere in Ireland: 475-525 depending on location and number of pallets.


Spiral Tree Guards for Rabbits and Hares (60cm)

Unit Price incl. VAT (€)
Size 10-30 50-200 250+
60cm 0.80 0.60 0.40
75cm 1.12 0.84 0.56

Delivery free if ordered with trees

Heavy Duty 'Supersoft' Tree Ties

The 45cm ties will suffice to tie a young tree to a 75mm diameter round stake. For larger trees, the 60cm ties are recommended

Unit Price incl. VAT (€)
Size 10-20 30-80 100+
45cm 1.53 1.30 1.00
60cm 2.00 1.70 1.30

Delivery free if ordered with trees


Bamboo Canes

Useful for training espalier trees and a variety of other garden tasks.

120cm canes, heavy gauge. Small pack (20 canes): €10. Larger pack (50 canes): 20. Delivery of canes free if ordered with trees