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Ordering Made Simple

What if you only want a small number of fruit trees and can't decide what to get?*


Fruit trees that are self-fertile and don't require a pollinator:

Apple (eating): Red Windsor

Apple (cooking): Reverend W.Wilks

Cherry (eating): Stella

Cherry (cooking): Morello

Damson: Farleigh

Pear: Invincible (eating but can be used for cooking)

Plum or Gage (eating): River's Early

Plum or Gage (cooking): Blaisdon Red

Please note that many of the above will probably fruit much better if there is a pollinator (different variety with compatible pollen) in the vicinity)


Compatible Pairs:

Apples (eating, early-mid season): Discovery, Red Windsor

Apples (eating, mid season-late): Herefordshire Russet, Honeycrisp

Apples (eating and cooking): Red Windsor , Reverend W. Wilks

Cherries (eating) : Stella, Sweetheart

Cherries (eating and cooking): Stella, Morello

Pears (eating): Invincible, Sensation

Pears (eating and cooking): Invincible, Catillac

Plums and Gages (gages, eating): Opal, River's Early

Plums and Gages (cooking): , Blaison Red, Yellow Pershore



Apples (eating): Discovery, Red Windsor, Herefordshire Russet

Apples (2 x eating and 1 x cooking): Discovery, Red Windsor, Bramley's Seedling/Bramley 20)

Apples (1 x eating and 2 x cooking): Red Windsor, Bramley's Seedling/Bramley 20, Reverend W Wilks

Cherries (2 x eating and 1 x cooking): Stella, Sweetheart, Morello

Pears (eating): Invincible, Beth, Sensation

Pears (2 x eating and 1 x cooking): Invincible, Sensation, Catillac

Plums and Gages (eating): Opal, River's Early, Jubilee

Plums and Gages (cooking): Blaisdon Red, Yellow Pershore, Czar

* Please note the minimum order for delivery is normally six trees)