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Mentoring and One to One Training

The nursery can provide intensive one to one mentoring to students interested in gaining practical experience and knowledge of working the land, combined with training in appropriate skills.

The mentoring sessions are normally 3-5 days in duration and can be tailor-made to suit the individual student's requirements. Sessions can be booked at any time of year. From a learning perspective, the best time is often the autumn, when new ground is being prepared for planting.

The fee (non-residential) is €300 for the 3 day session and €400 for 5 days. Each day begins at 10am and runs to 5pm, with one hour for lunch.

Depending on the availability of accommodation, it may be possible to stay on site. The add-on cost for full board is €20 per night. Alternatively hostel and other accommodation is available in Westport.

Please contact us for further details.