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Fruit and Nut Tree Special Offers

Updated 17th October 2018


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Please note that all offers are subject to availability.


Special 2yr Aronia offer!!! (reduced further until 10th November)

2yr plants in 2.5L/3L pots. Will produce berries in 2019. Varieties: Nero, Viking. 50 plants 200; 100 plants 350; 200 plants 600. 500 plants 1200. Very keen prices, up to 50% discount on catalogue price.



Large Aronia offer

6yr plants in 70L heavy duty pots with handles for carrying. Large plants carrying up to 50 clusters of berries. Varieties: Nero, Viking. 25 ea or 5 plants for 100. Collection only (will require a van or trailer)


3yr Quercus ilex offer (Holm oak)

3yr plants in 7L airpots. 25-40cm. Will produce edible acorns at about 10 years. Very tough and hardy, suitable for seaside exposure. Can be grown as a hedge. 10 trees 60; 20 trees 100



Pinenut offers

Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea, the Mediterranean stone pine, grows well in Ireland and will produce the first nuts after 8-10 years. It is a tough hardy tree, slow growing with spreading habit, tolerant of frost to -15°C. Hardiness Zone 8. It will grow in any well-drained soil. Very good in coastal locations. This is by far the best choice of pinenut tree for Ireland. For best results for nuts, plant a minimum of 5-6 trees.

4yr trees 45-70cm in 9L airpot

Price: €15 ea, 5 or more €12 ea.

Bulk offers: 20 trees €220, 50 trees: €500

Prices exclusive of delivery by pallet crate (quantities less than 20 trees are collection only).


5yr trees 60-90cm in 25L airpot. Really strong trees with good side branches and excellent root development . Some of these trees have flowers this year. The first mature cones can be expected within 3-5 years.

Price: €35 ea, 5 trees €150, 10 trees €275

Bulk offer 25 trees: €625

Prices exclusive of delivery by pallet crate (quantities less than 6 trees are collection only).


Pinus cembra

Pinus cembra , the Arolla stone pine, is native to the Alps and Carpathians, where it grows at a higher altitude than any other conifer. It is a very tough tree, capable of thriving in barren stony soil. In its harsh native environment it can take decades to reach nut-bearing age but when cultivated the first nuts appear at about 15 years. Requires well-drained soil. Slow growing, eventually reaching ten to twenty metres. Hardiness Zone 5. For best results, plant more than one tree.

4yr trees 20-30cm in 9L airpot.

Price: €12.50 ea, 5 trees €60, 10 trees €100

Prices exclusive of delivery by pallet crate (quantities less than 10 trees are collection only)


Pinus pumila

Pinus pumila, the dwarf Siberian pine, is native to the Russian Pacific coast, Northern Japan and parts of Korea and China. Closely related to Pinus koraiensis and Pinus siberica. It forms a dwarf tree or large shrub, occasionally reaching six metres. Compared to other pinenuts, the nuts are very small. In Siberia and parts of Japan the nuts are harvested for their oil. Of the pinenut trees offered here, the most suitable for really tough situations. Very suited to mass-planting in harsh coastal or upland environments. Compared to its subalpine relatives, grows relatively quickly in Ireland and could be used for as a nurse tree for other low growing species. Hardiness Zone 5

4yr trees 20-30cm in 9L airpot. Very bushy

Price: €12.50 ea, 5 trees €60, 10 trees €100

Prices exclusive of delivery by pallet crate (quantities less than 10 trees are collection only)