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Cornelian Cherries

The Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) is a small tree or large shrub of the dogwood family. It is native to Central and Southern Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia. The cherry-like fruits are high in Vitamin C and when fully ripe have a flavour similar to plums. They can be eaten raw, dried or cooked. The seeds can be used to make a beverage.The plant does best in sheltered sunny locations, though is shade tolerant and can be used in forest gardens. Cross pollination is required for good fruit production, so more than one cultivar should be planted. Very ornamental.

Supplied as rootballed trees (100-140cm high)

Barerooted trees (supplied December 2016-April 2017)
  Unit Price (euro)
1 tree 2 trees 3-9 trees 10-49 trees 50-199 trees 200 trees+
Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) 100-140cm
Cornus kousa chinensis 100-140cm

A selection with large and freely borne fruits about 24 to 30 mm long and 13 to 20 mm thick. High sugar and vitamin C content. A lovely, undemanding ornamental and wild fruit plant for the processing of fresh fruit juices, syrup, jams, fruit wine, liquor and schnapps.

Schönbrunner Gourmet Dirndl
Another very interesting cultivar arising out of the Higher Federal Learning and Research Institute, Vienna. Similar to Jolico, with large, bright red, slightly pear-liked fruits and the sweetest taste amongst all cultivars. A healthy and robust plant with a high ornamental and economic value.

Available November


Cornus kousa chinensis - Chinese Dogwood

More vigorous cousin of the Japanese dogwood, with larger fruits. Good for eating fresh or for making jams and fruit leathers. Suitable for forest garden situations or for growing as specimen bushes.

Suppled as barerooted trees (100-140cm high) 

Available November