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How to Contact Us

Enquiries and advice

We provide a free, no-obligation email advice service. However, we do not provide this service by phone as we need the lines kept open for essential tasks.

Stock enquiries are best made by email. Simply type your wish list in your email and we'll check availability and get back to you. Please list all the items you are looking for. If fruit trees, please state the preferred rootstock if this is known. If you are unsure about the choice of rootstock, give an indication of the size you want the tree to grow to (state height in feet or metres) or the dimensions of the space available.

Generally speaking we are unable to answer stock or price enquiries by phone. For prices, please refer to our latest price list: here

Callers who persist in making frivolous phone calls or texts will have their number blocked. Please note that we never answer calls where the number of the caller is withheld.

For specific enquiries relating to an order already placed or despatched, we can take phone calls during the evenings up till 9pm.

Tel 087 6714075

The line is very busy on weekdays during October, November, December, January, February, March and April. Owing to the sheer volume of calls, voice-mail messages are not a reliable way of gaining our attention! For best results please send an email.

Our email: office (at) fruitandnut (dot) ie

Enquiries by email are normally answered within 12-36 hours. If your email has not been answered,please send a reminder!

Our Address

Fruit and Nut
The Sustainability Institute
Co. Mayo

Please note the nursery is unable to facilitate casual callers to the premises at any time



Fruit and Nut offers a consultancy service on fruit and nut growing in Ireland, undertakes orchard establishment and maintenance work, and can advise on municipal or community nut and fruit tree planting projects. We carry out detailed site assessments that take into consideration factors such as soil type, aspect and exposure, climatic factors (including micro-climates), and integration with other land uses.

If our free email advice is unable to provide the detail required, we can carry out a site visit and assessment, and if necessary draw up a plan for the site or proposed project. Fees are based on travelling time and expenses plus time on site, plus any additional time required for providing written reports.

More information: Consultancy