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Barerooted fruit and nut special offers

Updated 13th October 2020


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AppleTickled Pink (Baya Marisa) on M25                                                   
German variety, red skinned but more known for its unique red flesh. Generally considered a cooker (the colour keeps when cooked), great in pies. Also used for juice (red!) and can be mixed with juice from other varieties for giving a lovely colour to cider (treat as a 'sharp'). Can be used as an eater when fully ripe though we find it rather tart. Incredible dark pink blossom, very ornamental. Pollination group 3. Bavaria 2005.

We are offering 1yr trees on M25 vigorous rootstock at 20.00 ea, 5 trees for 75.00 or 10 trees for 140.00. Unless part of a larger order, collection only (end of November onwards). Numbers are limited so order now!