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Fruit and Nut is an independent horticultural research establishment based in the west of Ireland. The nursery carries out research primarily into nut trees but also trials many different varieties of fruit and fruit rootstocks. Much of the research is unique in Ireland.

The nursery is also a supplier of fruit and nut trees.The nursery carries the largest range of nut trees in Ireland and includes cobnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, heartnuts, hickory, hican, ginkgo, pinenuts, Monkey Puzzle and almonds. We also stock a very wide range of fruit trees, for example more than 60 varieties of apple and 25 varieties of pear. Among our special interest lines are apple and pear varieties for alcohol production. We also supply apricots, peaches, plums, damsons, cherries, quince, medlar, mulberries, blueberries, aronia, ground-cover raspberries and other less-common fruits. All cultivars offered are suitable for Irish conditions.

This season we are offering many new lines including an increased range of apples and pears (particularly cider apples and perry pears) and nuts. For the full range of stock available in 2016/17, please refer to the ordering page.

We offer a consultancy service on fruit and nut growing in Ireland, undertake orchard establishment and maintenance work, and can advise on municipal or community nut and fruit tree planting projects. We can also provide technical assistance with applications for grant-aided projects. Site visits can be arranged upon request.

The nursery also runs one and two day horticultural workshops on a wide range of topics.

Fruit and Nut is involved in the trialling of many different varieties of nuts and fruit, many of which are growing at the nursery site near Westport. The site is a particularly challenging one: extremely wet, quite exposed to westerly winds and also very prone to late spring frosts. However, this provides great insights into how plants and micro-climates interact, and gives us the confidence to recommend the most appropriate varieties for anywhere in Ireland and for other countries that experience similar conditions.

Fruit and Nut is an enterprise dedicated towards finding local solutions to global food scarcity arising from fossil fuel depletion and irreversible climate change. The nursery is actively involved in research related to climate change and food security. Of particular interest is the establishment of nut and fruit orchards and the contribution these might make to future food security.

The nursery is currently providing technical assistance in the establishment of several commercial-scale cobnut orchards (each involving 600+ trees) and one walnut orchard of 100+ trees. To the best of our knowledge these are the largest nut orchards ever to be planted in Ireland.

The nursery is a not-for-profit enterprise fully committed to sustainable and ethical best practice. The nursery also supports fair wages, worker involvement in decision-making, and education within the workplace. Nursery policy is to minimise the use of non-renewable resources, particularly the use of non-biodegradable materials such a polythene. Both the carbon footprint and non-recycleable waste stream of the nursery are very small, perhaps only half the size of the typical European household. Ninety-eight percent of compostable material is recycled/reused on site. Approximately ninety-five percent of polythene arriving on the site in the form of packaging is reused.

"We're not so much a business as a steward of the piece of earth we use, a time traveller, passing from the era of oil into whatever comes next. Trees live a long time. There are nut trees alive in Ireland today, that were planted three or possibly even four centuries ago. And quite likely, in 300 years time - ten generations - there will be trees still alive in Ireland that originated at this nursery. It feels a bit like looking down the wrong end of a telescope, that if you reach far enough, you can reach to the future.

We look at the global warming and the changing climate. And we look at peak oil and then the utter dependency of the global food supply on easy oil. Within the lifetime of people alive today, multinational food supply chains will cannibalise themselves. If food production doesn't become more localised, there won't be a food supply.

The lack of debate is baffling. Yet who, amongst those with a long-term view, would bet against climate change? Two-thirds of the food eaten in Ireland is imported and of those imports, the majority comes from regions that will be adversely affected by global warming. All current agricultural policies are heading in the direction of even greater dependency on imports. Should we wait another twenty years or start planning ahead now? There can only be one answer. " Andy Wilson (founder, Fruit and Nut).

Tree Quality and Customer Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We often hear stories from customers who have purchased trees from other sources and been very unhappy with the quality of the stock. Fruit and Nut policy is to NEVER supply goods of a standard that we would not like to receive ourselves. Trees are inspected at the point of lifting and again at the point of packing. It is very rare for a defective item to slip through, but should some stock item not live up to expectations, we will replace or refund without question. The same applies to items damaged in transit (in 8 years of operation, we have had only one complaint of trees damaged in transit). In the case of bulk sales (anything over a few dozen of any one item), nursery policy is to supply a small number of extra plants/trees free of charge.

Please note we are not a garden centre. While we provide a collection facility for customers, we are unable to accommodate casual callers. Collection by appointment only.


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